RISIS Valentine’s Day momento of romance


This Valentine’s Day, homegrown artisan brand RISIS celebrates the season of love with Love Story, a four-piece jewellery collection featuring the bright, red and heart-shaped seeds from the Adenanthera pavonina tree, more commonly known as the Saga tree. Consisting of a pendant, a bracelet, a pair of earrings and a ring, the collection creatively weaves the saga seeds, together with rhodium, to craft the perfect memento of romance, adoration and tenderness.

An iconic childhood token of affection, the vibrant red saga seeds with their hard, unbreakable shells are representative of an earnest and youthful passion for most Singaporeans, bringing back nostalgic childhood memories of being presented with a special collection of these seeds, or even going about collecting them in a park.


love-story-collection-1With the red-enameled saga seeds anchoring the thematic core of its Love Story collection, RISIS has expertly put together four modern and beautifully sculpted declarations of love for our generation, each piece signifying a statement of a strong, secure and intense love one has for another. Love Story is a dedication of deep and emotional love, symbolising a fiery passion that is untainted and everlasting.love-story-collection-2

Fiery passionate red on saga seeds spotted on charm bracelets make your loved one appreciate the gift of Valentine’s Day.  Uniquely RISIS designed necklaces adorn the neck to accentuate the special occasion. Spend a wonderful time with your loved one with the gift of RISIS.


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