Safilo Men’s branded SS17 sunglasses for urbane tastes  

dior-homme-diorsystem_9g0kuSunglasses maketh the man- This season, Safilo presents a host of smashing designs to keep the ladies second glancing while at parties and while having a coffee down at a chic alfresco cafe.

Be the adventurous gentlemen, personify your style with quirky sunglasses from Dior Homme which feature contrasting brown tortoise shell with iridescent acetate silver stems, and a fashion disruptive lens of uber retro patterned florescent neon pink tint and skinny stems. dior-homme-diorcomposit1-0-crumped-2576420003tt_r00carrera-ski-ll-20012000a4ku_r00

Carrera sports thick frames in chili red for the ultimate punchline for luxury yacht parties.


For the men who prefer the subtle yet appreciate impactful highlights and details, here are my picks – Fendi goes fashion forward with black marble frames with roundish lens, making a solid statement. givenchy-gv-7057stars-2001020807dc_r02

Givenchy refreshes their aviators with the brand’s signature stars on the brows. Flushed in an eclipse black, make known your approach to fashion insiders and the common men alike. oxydo-o-no1-3_tbopolaroid-pld-6031s-2002720003oz_r00tommy-hilfiger-th-1471c-200107040gqt_r00

Oxydo, Polaroid and Tommy Hilfiger have interesting highlights and burst of color contrast. Spoilt for choice, each has its own brand personality, Oxydo with exotic green leather side frames, surprise with Polaroid’s neon stems in every florescent color, or keep it simple with Tommy Hilfiger’s clip on look with pale brown attached with cool green lenses.


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