Daniel Wellington watch Mirror luxury with success 


Daniel Wellington is affectionately known as DW in short by dedicated fans, the watch brand has garnered huge momentum of growth and following from style aficionados. What inspired the spark igniting the humble beginnings of its business casual watch design was Daniel Wellington’s Swedish founder, Filip Tysander who forged the brand’s roots with inspiration drawn from a fellow travel acquaintance Daniel Wellington while backpacking in Australia. Brand Namesake British Daniel Wellington had a knack for wearing weathered NATO straps with his watches while keeping his ensemble always gentlemanly yet unpretentious and relaxed.

Flip Tysander decided that it’s high time to create luxury quartz analog watches that embodied class without a hefty price tag. The anatomy of Daniel Wellington’s watches feature identifiable minimalism with a large 40mm slim face which tells the time with simple thin hour and minute hands. The highlight is the interchangeability of the NATO stripes and leather strap collection which charms the socks off many watch wearers who desire for practical versatility accompanied with a touch of class, swapping from boardroom no-nonsense solid leather strap to a casual day off at a yacht club in a host of NATO strap choices, with the likes of Classic Oxford or Classic Warwick strap.


Growth for affordable luxury was astronomical for Daniel Wellington as social media influencers wore and trended the watch as a must-have basic staple to thousands of popular Instagram accounts worldwide, style influencers modelled Daniel Wellington watches in their daily commute looking polished with a relaxed flair epitomising the unspoken Daniel Wellington brand image.

For the adventurous man, Rose Gold dial slim casing was a rarefied metal tone only purveyed by ultra luxury brands, now made affordable with Daniel Wellington’s watch collection stable. Another option of silver dials for a more flushed in tone is available for the discreet watch wearer.
Placing the wrist straps design as priority to complement the DW watch has been a success story. NATO Wrist straps add character to the timepiece with effortless charm in rich color blocks of Red, White, Green and Blue stripe variations, with gold or silver clasps that add a touch of class to NATO straps while securing the watch firmly to your wrist.

What stood out from The Daniel Wellington collection was its dapper collection featured Roman Numerals and textured leather which add timeless appeal to a wardrobe ensemble. With blue toned hands and a date window, it spells class without overstatement. Unfazed by occasion, I can wear Daniel Wellington Dapper with a basic sweater on a casual day or with a formal dress shirt. I found the watch wonderfully elegant while effortlessly readable keeping my schedule in check.


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