Mens clear skin routine because your worth it

Male wash face routine
Upkeeping that youthful appearance requires maintenance just like how you keep your car all pristine and new with a car shampoo and leather conditioning, your face requires the same tender loving care. While most males find a simple splash of water sufficient for their face routine, they do not see how mother nature and air pollution will cause damage to their skin over the years. Especially when hitting the late 30s, when wrinkles form on the forehead and dark spots pigmentation becomes rampant, it will be too late to regret not maintaining your skin. Youthful and fresh face appearance makes the definitive first impression when you meet your date or work partners for the very first time, be conscious that your face is an essential confidence booster complement to your suit ensemble.

Simple skin care routine would involve a deep scrub twice a week to remove debris particles from pores, your freshly unclogged pores would feel refreshed and awakened. Start by washing your face with tepid warm water in a circular massage motion, apply the scrub again in circular motion and wash off after 1 minute.

L’Oreal Singapore is the answer to your skincare routine needs.  L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Pure & Matte Black Foam Deep Scrub makes it a breeze to ensure deep cleansing exfoliating action on your facial pores. Following which on a daily basis, a normal foam wash would suffice to ensure cleanliness twice a day in the morning and night. I recommend what I personally use in my daily routine, the L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Pure & Matte Volcano Red Foam. Volcano foam cleanser is blended with volcanic mineral extracts to stop acne from ever appearing.

After a long day out from office, the hawker food centre, to a jog at the park, your hair tends to have dust, grime and oil which builds up creating situations where an oily scalp arises, L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Hair Charcoal Oil Shampoo 700ml would be the answer to your itchy, oily hair woes. It refreshes and revitalises your hair from its roots. Solving oily hair problems will also solve forehead acne issues, where oil from the hair fringe may tend to trickle down to your forehead.
Hydrate your skin- The key secret to great skin for men, a powerful moisturiser maintains the balance of oil production in check. Many a time males who were desperate to remove pimples from their T zone used harsh substances and aggravated their skin.

L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Volcano Moisturiser soothes, provides your skin with a matt finish appaearance and controls oil production all day.

 The urban male must be able to discern the right product for his skin combination, enabling him to walk out his home to meet the world at large with steadfast confidence.


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