B&O PLAY H5 refined wireless earphones


Unclutter your urban life with B&O Play H5 earphones, the in-ear earphones look great in a solid construction with polished logo finishes and sturdy cable tied wires. B&O Play H5 earphones allows you to connect to your music via the latest bluetooth technology and fadeout the ambient environment around you.

B&O Play H5 earphones suits an active lifestyle in the modern era , combining the highly acclaimed Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound with sleek aesthetics and an effortless tech experience. B&O Play H5 earphones definitely have the embodiment of unparalleled sound quality, B&O’s clarity-focused signature is strongly evident in B&O Play H5 sound reproduction.

This versatile headphones come with a magnet built into each earpiece, so you can click them around your neck for effortless wear and easy access to your music and podcasts. Clicking the earpieces together, the H5 automatically powers down saving battery life.

H5-16JS-Lo13Available in dusty rose for the ladies, gents its high time to get the special lady in your life a practical yet sensuous sounding audio piece for the urban commute or a jog together with you in the park. When not in use, she may clip via discreet magnets on B&O Play H5 placing it around her neck like a polished jewelry necklace.H5-16JS-Lo25H5-16JS-Lo37

For seamless integration into an active everyday life, the H5 comes tuned with a variety of sound profiles to deliver best-in-class sound experience in all situations. Simply choose one of the preset sound profiles in Beoplay App on your smartphone or Apple Watch, such as working out, commuting, listening to podcasts or relaxing, or adjust the tonality and staging with the playful and intuitive B&O PLAY ToneTouch interface. The equaliser is interactive and provides tweaking to your favourite sound preferences be it higher on bass or treble.

Keeping your earpiece snugly in your ear, B&O Play H5 comes included with a choice of four sizes of silicone tips, three cable clips, and three sizes of Comply Sport foam tips.

B&O Play H5 comes with an unique way of charging up with a fantastic 5 hours battery life. A magnetic brick-like dock with its own USB cable attached to it is the H5’s charger adds a touch of class when you charge up your B&O Play H5 earpiece for the next morning’s workout session. Tangle proof wires make it so much easier to use while on a run. Answer your calls while on the move with the in-built volume control and microphone.

Experience B&O Play H5 now at B&O Showroom: 10-12 Scotts Road, Grand Hyatt Singapore #01-05.


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