Seiko – A rugged luxury watch enthusiast



Seiko has a special place in the hearts of Asians, with its renown Japanese in-house movement manufacture and stately identifiable design. Seiko was born in 1881 at central Tokyo Japan prefecture, with humble beginnings rooting Seiko in the founder’s watch shop where he invented and repaired mechanical watches.

Perfection and landmark watches are key traits of Seiko’s design and timekeeping precision. A modern urbanite man embraces Seiko’s signature refinement intertwined with understated ruggedness. Time sensitive, the white collar warrior requires wrist candy which can afford the hard knocks of life while sweeping time in a non-distracting manner truly maintaining courteous magnificence. Luxury Watches in fluid art form and a distinguished timekeeper – chronograph watches from the house of Seiko is ethereal yet sporty fashion forward, coat your wrist with its sumptuous stainless steel case and comfortable wrist clasp bracelets.


Wearing an astute Seiko timepiece is a gratifying experience, the dashing gentlemen effortlessly transits from keeping abreast of schedules in his formal office domain to rougher outdoorsy sport activities while wearing his unshakable Seiko chronograph watch. Sport activities are certainly a trend which goes along with contemporary consciousness of healthy lifestyle, men being competitive in nature, would certainly like to mark speed when they have swimming meet ups or a weekend get-together exotic car breakfast drive to far flung lands with their exclusive club members.

Seiko Criteria range provides chronograph function up to 12 hours with an astonishingly accurate 1/20 seconds reading. A Seiko Criteria chronograph with luminous hands allow for discreet cinema and board presentation movie readings. A beautiful detail to admire, the acquamarine bezel which crowns the dial with its sunburst gold or chrome minute markers provide polished elegance. Design meets substance in an agreeable form. A scintillating timepiece, Seiko Criteria certainly would spark a conversation.

Men have varied desires and tastes, Seiko provides with classicism in Seiko’s identifiable watch frames, delving into the archives to bring about rebirth of aviation watches with interesting nato straps color ways and watch complications such as perpetual calendars.

Design is certainly at its strongest element at the house of Seiko. With many design choices such as dials and sun burst element tones to choose from, a discerning man can make the right fit to his lifestyle choice.


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