Relaunch experience of Bang & Olufsen Grand Hyatt Showroom

IMG_3735Be spellbound by the captivating sound reproduction of Bang and Olufsen’s high quality speakers.

We were invited by Mr Soren Kokholm (Sales Director S.E.A) of Bang and Olufsen to have a feel of the freshly minted open space. Bang and Olufsen’s refreshed showroom was warm and inviting with the sensibilities of a modern luxury home.


Upon arrival from Grand Hyatt Hotel Singapore’s entrance, you swing in through the main door to experience B&O’s audio art forms. Aesthetically appealing, the wall mounted speakers and floor speakers are displayed in a clean row to clearly indicate which speaker is being played. Spotlights are shone on the pair of speakers which are instructed to play.


Deceptively sleek and simple, Bang and Olufsen’s remote control puts you at the Captain’s helm. B&O remote control allows the audience to toggle music throughout his home, it operates not only the speakers on the front display, but also has the ease of switching over to their in-house home theatre room experience. Wireless technology at its finest intuition!

BeoSound 35B&O_BEO_SOUND_35_081215_02_019_RGB

Newly launched and inviting, BeoSound 35 is a true case of form follows function.

The Beosound 35 was presented to us, it came in a slim-line shape based on a light pentagonal structure with similarity uncanny to a narrow spaceship with a front covered by black fabric, an impressive one-metre wingspan. Place Beosound 35 anywhere in your home, flushed against a wall or a console table it would fit tastefully.

Design wise, slightly thinner at the ends, was made possible due to the acoustic construction of placing the small treble drivers here. At the centre of the loudspeaker there is more volume, which is required for bass drivers. Intelligent, it is integrated seamlessly to TuneIn radio stations, Spotify and Deezer, AirPlay, Bluetooth and DLNA based devices. A hallmark of the B&O touch, BeoSound 35 features an intuitive, touch sensitive edge with essential function buttons found directly under the elegant OLED display.

B&O Play A1IMG_9268Approaching the highly popular B&O Play series of portable speakers and headphones, we were awestruck by the breathtaking sound coming from the brand new and smallest bluetooth B&O Play A1 speaker from B&O Play series. The entire room was enveloped by a rich sense of volume and depth from the demonstrated jazz music.

A1-16JS-Lo15Astounded, we were surprised by the palm sized speaker designed by award-winning Danish Cecilie Manz, weighing a mere 600 grams. A marvellous design to behold, B&O Play A1 speakers produced depth and spacious 360 degree soundscape. A nifty feature, by pressing the circular connect button on the side of the speaker will reconnect the speaker to the last used device and instantly play the last song you heard. A 360 degree built-in speakerphone functions when you require it for those important conference calls whether with work partners or loved ones.

A1-16JS-Lo02Thanks to a new aluminium Cone Mid-Woofer using a powerful neodymium magnetic system and high peak power amps, the B&O PLAY A1 delivers a full range deep bass to as low as 40hz and enough stamina to keep the music playing for a delightfully long period of 24 hours. Power efficient, the Adaptive Power Management makes it possible to feed the exact amount of power needed by the amplifiers.

A1-16JS-Lo11Light, clean and elegant with no protruding buttons, the B&O A1 speaker is shaped in a smooth aluminum dome available in either silver or green and finished with a branded leather loop inviting you to bring the A1 speaker for outdoor music sharing activities. At a reasonable SGD$399, B&O A1 speaker is well worth more than its price.

IMG_1065I was offered the opportunity to gain insights with Managing Director of Bang and Olufsen, Mr. Niels Møller Nielsen. He was pleased to share his knowledge and made me feel at home at his B&O showroom.

Below are Mr. Niels Møller Nielsen’s perceptive responses: 

Brendan: Tell us about your story, how was your journey to high quality audio technology?

Mr. Niels Møller Nielsen: I have worked for Nokia for 9 years and I have always loved working with superbrands. In my function with Nokia, I worked in Russia and Ukraine, I have held a few global positions. A headhunter called and told me there was a career opportunity in Bang & Olufsen. As I am based in Denmark, it was only 1 hour drive away from Bang & Olufsen’s headquarters. I was thinking, I have been with Nokia for many years, its time to try something different. They could use my competence and experience in global reaches. It has been 2.5 years now, I love the company and the products, it is really nice to visit the different stores in different regions and talk to press media spanning Australia, South East Asia, Japan, India and also South America.

Brendan: How would you describe B&O’s current market strategy for our Asian region?

Mr. Niels Møller Nielsen: I would say with a strong feeling, B&O has a strong core loudspeakers division in place and also B&O Play division. We have a great master dealer with huge experience in the Singapore market, they have been developing new markets in the region, and also have opened new B&O stores in the Asian region. South East Asian region, especially Singapore is strategic and is a key market for B&O. We have come here to support the expansion to create the real luxury experience. B&O Play division has strong growth and success in this region since its inception 4 years ago. The B&O brand awareness is high in Singapore. You may sit down in B&O store, at the moment you might feel think you do not have the right space in your apartment, but you can go out to see our speaker walls to experiment and have a feel of what works in your home.

Brendan: Lastly which is your favourite B&O product?

Mr. Niels Møller Nielsen: For me, currently it’s the portable A1 bluetooth speakers, its cool when you are traveling or when you are going to your summer house. In my home I have the B&O 55 inch television and also the BeoLab 18 speakers combination. Even my son, when he switches on the television, he exclaims that of a very amazing experience. It’s a nice situation when we have great products.


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