Timberland CSR

Global outdoor lifestyle brand Timberland®, a leader in sustainability and corporate social responsibility, today announced its plans to exceed 60 service projects in more than 20 countries throughout April and May as part of the company’s 18th consecutive celebration of Earth Day. Timberland® has supported thousands of communities around the globe as part of its longstanding commitment to community service, from its headquarters in Stratham, New Hampshire to Singapore.

This year, Timberland® expects approximately 1,800 volunteers around the world will engage in some 13,000 hours of service. Examples of Timberland® projects taking place in celebration of Earth Day include:

  • Singapore: Timberland® will partner with The Nature Society, a non-profit dedicated to the natural heritage of Singapore, Malaysia and the surrounding region for a coastal cleaning project at Pulau Ubin, which is globally classified as an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area. On April 30th, volunteers will remove abandoned drift nets and marine debris that choke up the Ubin coastline, ensuring that wildlife has the proper environment to thrive.
  • New Hampshire: Timberland® headquarters will close on May 12th to host six projects throughout the New England Seacoast, focused on creating and developing green spaces and other environmental initiatives, along with safe areas for community members to live and play.
  • Almelo, Netherlands: The Timberland® team in the Netherlands will focus their volunteer efforts on various projects, including gardening, painting, working with kids to build musical instruments out of recycled materials and spending time with the elderly, as well as activities to support a local farm.
  •  Milan, Italy: On May 25th, 60 volunteers will partner with Legambiente to contribute to the creation of an eco-sustainability oasis in the center of Milan: Cascina Nascosta (Parco Sempione). Volunteers will clean a green area, remove old structures, paint walls and plant new gardens.

Timberland® is focused on protecting and preserving the outdoors by innovating products that are made responsibly; cutting back emissions that help alleviate the company’s carbon footprint; and, preserving the environment through ongoing global reforestation efforts. Since 2001, Timberland® has planted nearly 8.8 million trees around the world—in Haiti, China, the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Germany and elsewhere. Corporate Social Responsiblilty and Giving back to the community are the essence of Timberland mission.


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