Sudio Vasa earphones

Sudio Vasa earphones – Elegant designed with Studio Quality sound

Hailing from Sweden, Sudio Vasa earphones are intuitive and ready to project clarity in your ears. Cutting edge engineered and elegant minimalistic designs whisper luxury with its polished chrome finishing. Be immersed in the moment with its clear separation of instruments, bass aptly pumping to the heartbeat rhythm of songs.


Sudio Vasa earphones
Photo Credit: @hannenov


Aptly known as the Vasa model sound signature, Sudio Vasa channels studio quality sound with a pair of 10.22 drivers. The high quality earphones breeze through the various genres of music, with its own perfect touch. Multi layered of music were channelled with its essence of clarity followed by a well balanced bass effect. Feel the elegance with Sudio Vasa’s sleek profile comprising of flat wires, iOS/Android tactile volume remote, microphone control with mirror image rose gold contours on the ear piece. The earphones make an elegant statement for all occasions, ranging from casual outing with your loved ones to events that require you to be well dressed for the occasion.


Vasa’s stay-in-ear feature allows the user to wear it as a fashion accessory, The dynamic speaker module is designed to immerse one into another universe away from the noise of public traffic and chatter.

I have personally tested the Sudio VASA earphones on a spectrum of my favourite song titles.


Adele’s “Don’t You Remember” was a warm rendition with soulful clarity of both voice and instruments. “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen was well rendered with piano tunes well separated from drum cymbals and voice overlay. Even the left to right voice-overs overtures was sensed by the ears, presence was physically felt. Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” had tunes touching the bass with frontier punchiness on both ears, with her voice pristinely above the baseline. The amazing studio quality sound is especially evident in Wiz Khalifa’s rendition of See You Again” with the dynamic sound layering of orchestra instruments.
Sudio Vasa earphones has certainly brought music entertainment to a new pristine frontier. Highly recommend it for the road warrior who needs portable music from a day out on the streets or traveling on a flight for your vacation.


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