Caruso the Italian restaurant roots its tradition at Bukit Timah Road

unnamed-9unnamed-7Calling it home at 791 Bukit Timah Rd, traditional Italian restaurant Caruso has established her roots within the tranquil neighborhood of Bukit Timah and its warm welcoming residents.unnamed-14Hailing from the Province of Locorotondo in Italy, restaurant owner Mr Leonardo’s mother took pride in her Italian home cooking, that of which had a catalytic effect on Leonardo. He has grown his interest in hearty flavours, fresh herbs & ingredients, robust taste and focus on traditional family legacy recipes.unnamed-8The Caruso restaurant features a warm modern interior with Italian fittings and photographs which reflect the nostalgia of home. I was seated and greeted by the restaurant owner, and he was so kind to create a degustation menu of chef recommendations. unnamed-3unnamed-4Appetizers were the first items to be served up, “Prosciutto di parma bufala” buffalo mozzarella cheese was divine with pairing of fresh Parma ham slices, followed by “focaccia romana” tomato sprinkled on toasted focaccia bread, wonderful when soaked with olive oil. unnamed-2An unforgettable dish, “Millefoglie di melanzana alla parmigiana” Served on a hot plate, pan fried sliced eggplant with doused in mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and basil leaves. Heat does wonders to the infusion of flavours, basil leaves added a dimension of mint flavour to the tomato base Eggplant stew, combined with stretchy cheese melting in the mouth. unnamedSpicy fresh mussels was certainly a necessary part of your dinner at Caruso restaurant, it whet the appetite with its sensational herbs while the mussels journeyed you to the great Mediterranean seas.unnamed-13Next up was a traditional pasta dish “Orecchiette con Pomodoro E Burrata”, a generous amount of Homemade pasta resembling beans was mixed with the signature trinity of fiaschetto fresh tomato sauce, fresh basil and Burrata cheese. A waft of wonderful aroma sprang up upon the pastas arrival, with cheese shavings perched proudly atop.unnamed-10To finish off my meal with a sweet touch, The tiramisu dessert was served in a modern large conical glass, the sponge cake within soaked in the lovely alcohol flavours.unnamed-12Pairing with the meal, I was introduced to white wine hailing from the Italian hometown of Locorotondo, with its fruity flavours and clean taste, medium bodied, it was a refreshing wine which enhanced my meal. A fantastic restaurant, I would recommend all Italian lovers to make merry, wine and dine at Caruso!

Caruso Italian Restaurant Singapore

791 Bukit Timah Rd #01-01,

Singapore 269764

Phone: 6469 7508

Fax: 6469 7509


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