Chinese New Year Dress

Prosper in Style this Chinese New Year

As Chinese New Year looms around the corner, prosperity takes on all forms, the most important being style! Are you excited for your new year getup? Impress your family, relatives, newly minted in-laws and friends with your style during this festive period!

Recommending the right style code, we look towards our oriental roots and the eponymous color Red.

Jacquard Pieced Dress
For the evergreen stylo ladies, a modern silhouette akin to the cheongsam would have the spark of festivity and pride of conversation. Featured in this modern dresses in hues of red, distinctive elements of the cheongsam are formed with statement cues from its heritage. The mandarin collar and high thigh slits are subtly intertwined to make a good impression.

Painted Floral Swing Dress

These festive themed dresses can be worn even after the CNY period on a casual day out. Ready to wear, Bright and cheerful cheongsam dresses enliven the festive CNY spirit, with lace and floral patterns.

Origami Monkey Printed Tee
For the boys, monkey business is the name of the game, with abstract monkey prints on red tees featuring the current Chinese Zodiac Monkey’s lively and fun-loving character.

Suede Frontal Neoprene Bomber Jacket

Layer on a sweet bomber jacket with burgundy red panels for a fashionable yet practical take on CNY’s muse color. Making a comeback since the invention of Aviation, smart Bomber jackets come in handy during normal lecture hall and office freezer days. Instead of risking looking like a walking red packet, we suggest to balance your red tops with a touch block colors of Emerald green or dark blue in slim fit shorts or jeans depending on the weather or formality condition.

Chinese New Year is the season for you to shine and showcase your fashion style to your loved ones. You don’t have to spend a fortune to create an impressive wardrobe, all it takes is to incorporate different fashion elements from your existing and new clothes to create amazing new looks for the festive season.


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