Cultlinary - Never Wok Alone

Cultlinary – Never Wok Alone

Cultlinary is a newly launched culinary  portal which aims to bring each and every chef together. It is the brainchild of Social Enzyme, which believes in paving the way for the betterment of the society/community.  Fusing culture and culinary together, Cultlinary  provides a platform for food lovers to connect, discuss and inspire others. Cultlinary Launch Party

CHIC is honored to be invited to the official launch party of Cultlinary where I get to meet and interact with a group of like-minded people who shared the passion and interest in food and cooking. Cultlinary Launch Party


The attendees of the event were treated to interesting cooking demonstrations by popular home cooks Priscilla, Vasellia and Yan Ping . Founder of Cultlinary,  Alvin Lee, was also helping out as the sous chef to Priscilla for the cooking demonstration. It is hard to imagine that hospitable home chef was once someone who almost burnt down his kitchen during his early days of his cooking escapades.12185395_10153230137238310_830043075142595365_o

There are a couple of cooking demonstrations but I would like to focus on three of my most favorite ones from the launch party.

#3 – Thai Pork Neck Curry by Priscilla

Priscilla hosted the first live cooking demo for the event which featured her signature Thai pork neck curry. Though it may seem like a complicated dish to cook at home, the home chef has proved it to the audience that the dish can be replicated in anyone’s kitchen with minimal effort that is sure to impress anyone. IMG_3931


#2 Mussels with spicy tomato broth and coconut flakes

Vasellia’s mussels with spicy tomato broth and coconut flakes, a fusion dish where east meets west, was an absolute showstopper. Coconut flakes and coconut cream were introduced to mussels in white wine broth, a quintessentially Australian dish. The dish smell heavenly when brought to boil with the infusion of white wine.



#1 – Coq Au Vin by Alvin

My most favorite dish from the event was Alvin’s interpretation of Coq Au Vin. The leg of chicken was well simmered to perfection and it emanated a waft of fragrant French herbs. The flesh fell off the bone with indescribable moisture, paired with the home chef’s homemade brown sauce. The dish created a beautiful symphony of flavors in my mouth and I enjoyed the dish very much.IMG_3972


Here are some of my favorite dishes that I’ve tasted at the event.

12186678_973536179336629_6610346027372750820_oThe bruschetta was crusty, chewy and packed with a beautiful combination of flavors from the generous toppings of herbs, mozarella, juicy tomatoes and peppers.

12191730_973331459357101_3650901981008085693_nAnother favorite dish that I enjoy is the braised pork in steamed buns. The meat was tender, flavorful and goes very well with the subtlely sweet Chinese buns.

Congratulations for the successful launch of Cultlinary and a big thank you for having CHIC at the event. I’ve picked up a few interesting recipes which I am going to use for my upcoming culinary adventures in my kitchen.

Continue to amaze us Cultlinary!


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