Timbaland Men Shoes

Strutting in style and comfort in the great outdoors with Timberland

Timbaland Men Shoes

Luxury outdoor lifestyle brand Timberland has encapsulated practical functionality for the unyielding territories with finesse by creating shoes stylish for the modern road warriors who have an active outdoor lifestyle.

Imagine a stay-cation in the great outdoors, camping in lush misty deep forest with fresh cascading waterfalls. This is just one of the classic dream escapade envision by those armed with the spirit of adventure. The shoes provide great comfort for the urban landscape while also having the ability to withstand roughing out in unforgiving outdoor terrain for the adventurers.

Timberland Men's Icon Waterproof Chukka Boots

Making it into the list of urbanites’ must-haves, Timberland’s signature boots are designed in mind to meet the needs of city dwellers who occasionally go on their adventures on rough terrain. The stylish boots boast water resistant supple suede leather with comfortable tough rubber sole. Fans are spoilt for choice with a selection of shoes ranging from various pastel to fluorescent leather tones.

Timberland Men's Classic 2-Eye Boat Shoes

Besides the norm of leather boots, Timberland Boat shoes have always been the popular option for the urbanites, especially for dressed-down garden tea parties where a fashionista would love to make a fashion statement. Comfortable and sensible for all occasions, Timberland makes great shoes that are functional, timeless and effortlessly chic for the urbanites.



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