The Modern Man’s Style Guide

Modern man is required to filter effortlessly through all occasions without looking out of place. Versatility in his daily wardrobe is paramount to create the right winning impression.

Fashion trends have certainly evolved for the 21st century male, developing a wider range of choices tailor made to the needs of each individual. The urban warrior has to observe the rise of popularity in new cuts of trending blazers and trousers which refresh and accentuate his figure with silhouette flattering curves and sharp contours. Striking the perfect balance for menswear, black and white tones creates the perfect marriage for dapper sharpness.

Black and white clothing are staple must-haves in every modern gentlemen’s wardrobe for its versatility. To create the effortless look for all occasions, all guys should possess the essential ensemble of a crisp white shirt, silhouette flattering twill trousers and a pair of loafers. I recommend the classic pairing of white shirt with vibrant hued khaki colored trousers and a pair of black loafers.


The modern man has to exercise discernment in his wardrobe affairs to to ensure both distinction and good taste are reflected upon his choices in life with practicality and versatility placed as the key focal point of his consideration.

A gentlemen is always ready to spruce up for impromptu attendance of high society soirees with the formal essential of a tucked-in white shirt complete with a dashing bow-tie for that debonair James Bond vibe. Bring it up a notch to complete the ensemble with a structured deep toned blazer. A well fitted blazer never fails to up the swagger factor conveying power suit presence and alpha male panache.


When it’s time to let the collar down at after-parties, a gentlemen would impress the crowd with his charisma with a casual chic look by unbuttoning his collar and rolling up his khaki pants. This seemingly effortless casual look evokes an aura of confidence and sociability while commanding an air of sophistication among the party crowd.

Whether it’s a soiree or a button down party, the gentleman can channel his style with these four style essentials and adapt it for the occasion.


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