Scintillating perspectives with Atelier Swarovski Autumn/Winter 2014 Collections


Atelier Swarovski by Viktor&Rolf, Velvet Rock Triple Cuff in JetViktor & Rolf brought about fresh perspectives on their range of Atelier Swarovski. Unique statement pieces set with sparkling and matte crystals were sprayed with a layer of smooth black velvet. Viktor & Rolf forged edgy designs in angular patterns of structured necklaces and even enticed the visual senses with goth chic rings in matte grey. Velvet is the material transfused in Viktor & Rolf’s current line and is utilized in their fashion house walls, trickling down to their collections and collaborations creating a new dimension in texture, matte and shine .

Ye Mingzi’s collection placed emphasis on Leonardo Da Vinci’s renaissance period obsession of a flower motif. The motif, known as the “Flower of Life” became the centerpiece for her jewelry collection which complements her stunning evening and wedding dresses. She created fluid necklaces, hairpins and glamorous tiaras applied generously with white crystals.

Atelier Swarovski by Emma J Shipley, Leo Double Scarf Ring in Red MagmaLuxury scarf designer Emma J Shipley produces bold scarves from the finest natural Italian fabrics. The Atelier Swarovski by Emma J Shipley collection takes its inspiration from the elegance, beauty and power of the snow leopard, one of the most endangered big cats. The collection consists of silk and cashmere blend scarves, bold jewelry pieces and scarf accessories in the form of a stylised leopard. The pieces are embellished with hundreds of geometric crystals expressing the unique irregular pattern of the leopard’s spots. The scarves also depict the snow leopard, with ice-like geometric crystal shapes growing and shattering away from its body. Seemingly coming alive, I particularly find the leopard rings to be a crowd pleaser with its sturdy leopard head embellished with ice-cut crystals of white and ruby.

20140708_122203Atelier Swarovski’s mainline created intricately hand applied crystals on ceramic by way of the Pontiage technique, which glitters upon a hand’s movement. These modular stones were forged into bracelets and elegant necklaces.


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