Tumi- the bearable travel fit for California

Words by:  Mr JJ Luo


Santa Monica_BashfordDuffel_group-FINAL What do outsiders see in LA? My guess would be the impression of a boulevard filled with palm trees or the hollywood walk of fame. But if you ever think that looking like the cast of 90210 will make you exude the true essence of a Californian. I’m afraid you have just made yourself an obvious tourist because neither the Gucci tote nor the Louboutin heels comes from America in the 1st place.

This is why carrying a bag from Tumi’s Santa Monica collection is like having an authentic trustworthy tour-guide around you. Just by touching the Vachette leather will give you a feel of ‘insider’s californiacation’.

Santa Monica_BrashfordDuffel_WhitfieldHelmet_Group-FINAL
As a steward, I strongly believe that buying a travel bag is an investment that is equally important to purchasing a house. You have to feel comfortable in it, the design must be practical and most importantly, the person selling it delivers what he promised. And judging from the clever mix of nylon and leather of the bags or the hand-stitched “X” detail, George Esquivel(creative director of Tumi) really meant what he said about delivering beauty in simplicity. Esquivel’s objective of demonstrating groundbreaking style while retaining traditional craftsmanship is very much compatible and vital to the frequent traveller of LAX and beyond.

Firstly the mix of leather and nylon is a traveling genius because it makes the bag so much more light-weight than the traditional full leather bags. You get to look mature and classy without carrying the heavy burden. More importantly, unlike the airport plastic bags, you don’t need to sacrifice style for comfort and look like a tasteless tourist. What excites me more about the Santa Monica collection is the southern californian motto and dream it delivers. As we all know, Southern California is a place filled with a luxurious laid-back energy. But behind that image is also rooted with a strong drive of ambitious attention. Many famous actors would work in this very place as waiters or movie extras before they get discovered. Thus the versatile style of Tumi’s Santa Monica collection truly allows you to play the different roles of your lifestyle in one single bag. For example, I can think of 3 identities to embody with the Bashford Duffel bag. the ultra-soft deconstructed leather and spacious handle allows me to hang it on the shoulder and go shopping like a rich kid of Beverly Hills. When I need to hit the gym, I can put on the detachable strap and loosen the snap-close hand wrap to achieve a more sporty look. When it’s time to head home, I will then elongate the adjustable strap and ride my bicycle like an indie hipster. Santa Monica_Envelope_Brindle-FINAL
The best thing about the Santa Monica collection is that you can mix and match them in one area, cause what I plan to do is to always carry the Lincoln Envelope inside the Bashford Duffel so that I can keep my important documents un-crumpled within the generous interior of the bag. That way, I can always ditch my bashford duffel bag aside and look like a effortless gentleman with my lincoln envelope. The multiple interior compartments allows you to be organized and have a color-code like system so that you don’t dig like a scavenger every time you unzip your bag. The modern traveller always want to have all the essentials in their bag without looking like they put an effort because the point is to be truly organized without the OCD.

Whether it’s a last min packing you need to do or an important interview you need to attend. Tumi’s Santa Monica collection allows you to make the most out of the least you have to carry. Like what Marilyn Monroe once said” Everyone’s a star and deserve the right to twinkle”, so if you’re waiting for your big break in life like many aspiring actors in California, the least you can do is to look stylish while struggling.



Guest Writer Mr JJ Luo – the lazy steward who writes more than he fly.


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