Chateaux Singapore – Ultralounge nightclub is the new definition of Noir (Black)


A night of revelry to be remembered, one would enter Chateaux Singapore’s space and be bathed in the glow of its French inspired rows of sparkling crystal chandeliers, golden 3D geometric walls decked with plush crimson-hued velvet lounge sofas. The Chateaux Singapore experience transports you to a bygone era of French chic affairs which echoes the Parisian night lifestyle.

“Beautiful things don’t scream for attention” – the club certainly lives up to its name for being discreetly posh while creating warmth of a French Chateaux home by keeping its clientele comfortably cosy with their friends to luxuriate in fine bottle service. Ultralounge Boutique club Chateaux Singapore boasts of 10 VIP tables!

Located at Circular Road – the heart of Boat Quay, a 5 minute stroll away from UOB building, Chateaux Singapore is certainly conveniently located for the dance music connoisseur, clubber by night, office warrior and fashionista. 


DJ Julian spins the decks pumping out exciting show-stopping live sets keeping your heels tapping to the beats. DJ Julian is a rare gem in the music industry, he treats you with all the right notes, getting the glitterati to get up on the dance floor losing themselves to the grooving rhythmic beat! 


The bar area was illuminated in all its splendour with a fine selection of whiskey spirits and champagne housed in full glory. Smartly uniformed Bartenders and Waiters were sporting a European debonair back comb hairstyle reminiscent of the 1990s, they were attentive to customer orders while mixing drinks with effortless skill.

A fine masquerade party ensued with the glitterati arriving at the posh nightclub Chateaux donning their masquerade masks! Everyone was feeling invigorated and excited to get the party started!




Over-the-top large bottles of fine Vodka and Moet & Chandon champagne were showcased throughout the night with sparklers evoking an ecstatic celebratory mood!

Check out Chateaux Singapore’s opening video:

Address: 79 Circular Road #02-01 Singapore 049433
Reservation number for next weekend = +65 9772 3953

Twitter: #ChateauxSingapore

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