leads exclusive European brands to Singapore

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Ever wanted to own an exclusive piece of Men’s style only found by combing the boutiques of Paris, France? Online French Menswear Fashion Shopping site French Pret-A-Porter (ready to wear) fashion closer to your doorstep with exclusive European brands arriving at Singapore shores! injects mid-segment priced French fashion brands and favoured international brands into Singapore’s fashion scene to broaden choices in quality style hot off the Parisian runway and high streets.

Melinda Gloss menswear
National Standard Men’s sneakers

French labels found on preserve the quintessence of savoir faire (knowhow) of French fashion designers and craftsman with Made in France leather bags by Bleu De Chauffe, modernist Menswear apparel by Melinda Gloss and silent-luxury designer sneakers by National Standard.

With Singaporean male consumers developing a taste for style and grooming, one could realise his dream of Parisian chic by browsing through’s French designed products from apparel to leather accessories.

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Menlook has a brilliant experiential style interface which is easy for online shoppers to browse through style highlights and its house of over 250 brands. Menlook’s buyers season picks are reflected via Lookbook Spring/Summer 2012 which gives a customer an idea of how best to create an essential overall chic style with the products found in or to find another suitable item on to complement his purchase.

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Tribune.menlook provides a newspaper stylised insight into Fashion news. Menlook has also produced its own namesake label which features an impressive everyday style essentials collection at wallet friendly price range.

Menlook comprises a team situated in the Fashion Capital of France with over 50 fashion experts, stylists and buyers ensuring that only the best handpicked wardrobe essentials from each featured brand are presented for the customer’s appreciation.

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What comes to mind for French Fashion is certainly her coveted French made bags. Bleu De Chauffe’s founders Thierry Batteux and Alexandre Rousseau strive to integrate contemporary designs with traditional savour faire to create rugged and functional bags. Made of 100% natural tanned organic leather the vintage wash-finished bags are capable of withstanding the hustle and bustle of modern day work life. In France, the term Bleu de Chauffe is the blue jacket used to be worn by train operators and it soon became the usual work jacket worn by the whole French working class. The designers wanted to embody the essence of everyday lifestyle as the significance of their leather goods brand.

Thierry has experience in sports fashion and street wear, while designer Alexandre specialises in leather goods with strong experience drawn from respected establishments such as Lancel. Bleu De Chauffe bags are signed off by the artisan who handmade the product with pride. Bleu De Chauffe’s structured leather briefcase would complete a gentlemen’s posh character, the briefcase would be effortlessly convertible to be employed in utilitarian commuter casual days and also be a conversation piece in swanky formal networking cocktails.
Be sure to browse through their reasonably priced tanned leather bags collection and make a purchase to experience the product ageing like fine wine with usage.

1608423_10151876687631362_47993126_n invites you to experience their online shop. They have generously presented CHIC readers with the opportunity to shop at their site with an incentive of a special code CHICMENLOOK to enjoy 10% discount on your order at Do check out what they have to offer as shipping is free of charge through UPS delivery service for orders above S$350.


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