i.t Preview party

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Izzue’s eccentric and fashion style arrives in Singapore fashion scene well received by the industry trend setters. For Spring Summer 2013 Womenswear , Izzue’s mainline themed Weaving Romance embraces romantic soft silhouettes in chiffon, silk fabric intertwined with soft hues of  beige, charcoal grey and navy blue.


Translucent layering of full skirts and knee length shorts were the highlight of SS 2013 to showcase a women’s feminine silhouette.

izzue 1


Izzue Jeans line looks to find ‘modernity twist’ with grunge elements and jewel appliqués of studs, bold stripes and geometric cuts on refreshing and eclectic colour blocking effects to embellish their collection.

izzue 2


Izzue men’s summer 2013 continues to exhibit high fashion design with a showcase of “Spring can really hang you up the most” Signature slim cut shirts, suit jackets and pans and in trend with a sporty chic high street designs. On the spotlight was the incorporation of Japanese martial arts robe inspired design matched with sports wear concepts. Draping was notably a key element seen on loose cut wrapped jackets with wide cut pant ensembles. Denim was treated with wash techniques which gave graduate colour wash effects to exude your rugged personality.

5cm 3

5 cm Spring Summer 2013  births the moody and nocturnal asthetics with high end men’s offerings that have a cult following attributed to its slender, blackened silhouette and grunge androgynous style. 5 CM’s sharp cutting showcases 3D cuts and drapery that are finely tuned over the years and are unique to its collection. SS13 menswear collection themed ‘Black America’ integrates military elements with avant garde camouflage and national flag prints in bold colours of date red and earth tones. Embellished with 3 dimensional rocker chic star shaped sequins complete its military grunge mix and match style.

Fabulous Celebrities in attendance:

Jade Seah:

Jade Seah

Chua En Lai and Hossan Leong:

Chua En Lai_Hossan Leong


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