Remy Martin’s Centaur Dance Showdown Finals was an exhilarating event like no other, talented dance performers worldwide flew in to Singapore’s shores to compete for the championship title! Teams from Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and India were present to face-off  during the final rounds! Highly anticipated was the arrival of Pop Celebrity Jolin Tsai who had a sea of fans waiting for her arrival.

The night was young and guests were treated to mixers of Remy Martin and champagne while watching the exciting dance performances! Dance Crews_5 Radikal Forze Fr Singapore_1

Radikal Forze from home-ground Singapore rocked the stage with a high octane performance involving handstands and smooth moves which were eager to please the judges and the audience!

KrumPinoy Fr The Philippines_1KrumPinoy, hailing from the Philipines showcased their robotic dance moves which awed the crowd.

S.I.N.E. Crew Fr Vietnam_4




The winners of this year’s Remy Martin dance showdown went to S.I.N.E Crew from Vietnam who gave their best one of a kind performance with unique dance moves which worked to their advantage. Sheikh Haikel_Ho Ngoc Ha_Jolin Tsai_Katsuyuki Ishikawa

The fabulous panel of judges: Renowned Rapper Sheikh Haikal, Celebrity Ho Ngoc Ha and Pop Celebrity Jolin Tsai.Jolin Tsai Performs_18

Pop Celebrity Jolin Tsai showcases her  well choreographed energetic dance moves and a medley of modern new age songs. She completely captivated her fans and audience with her powerful vocals and mesmerizing lyrics.Jolin Tsai Performs_23


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