Experience luxury with Brioni Spring Summer 2013

Brioni SS13 Denim-Linen Suit

Brioni Spring Summer 2013 showcases the leading luxury menswear label’s flair for technical tailoring with notable breakthroughs with the likes of the “Jardigan” and an extremely lightweight 110 grams unlined blazer.

Coveted by famous personalities with the likes of famous world leaders such as Barack Obama to fiction characters such as the debonair gentleman James Bond. Attention to the intricate details and meticulous tailoring is paramount to a Brioni suit. Luxury is definitely visible yet discreet in Brioni’s collection with hand applied attention to detail, Brioni suits are certainly the worthwhile investment, they are made to fit and flatter the body silhouette.  Brioni SS13 Jardigan

Summery tones of wine red have hit the men’s fashion weeks by storm, Brioni has embraced ebullient rich hues of red on jackets. Brioni drew inspiration for its colour palette from its Italian roots in Tuscany, with brilliant reds and yellows to earthy ochre contrasted with cool ocean blues and aqua.

Prep up your weekend getaway to lazy Sunday picnics and evening cocktails with rich red blazers for that essential smart casual chic vibe.

Brioni SS13 Paper-Weight Blazer

I have always felt that the conventional coat is seemingly heavy weight and should be streamlined to a lighter feather weight material to be more practical for daily jet setting or corporate road warrior usage. Brioni has outdone itself with a technical tailoring breakthrough -the introduction of an unstructured lightweight formal unlined blazer at an impressive 110 grams which could be easily carried around for all the important events which one needs to look sharp and breeze in having the confident sense of arrival.


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