DEPRESSION Spring Summer 2013 BLACKOUT collection at SEOUL Fashion Week 2012


DEPRESSION’s BLACKOUT collection stays true to its whimsical, unconventionally creative roots of design featuring a dizzying array of prints known as “Dizzy spells” in cloudy sky blue, black hexagon pattern, abstract motion blur depictions of “blacking out” and a equestrian monogram print on both menswear and womenswear. DEPRESSION label’s signature elongated shawl collar cardigans in blurry cloud print is well matched with a detachable neon highlighted hood for that ever-changing weather condition!

DEPRESSION has showcased the premier of this collection at Seoul Fashion Week’s international platform.

Spot the Depression designer DUO Kenny Lim and Andrew Loh in their boutique’s Energetic Christmas Party featuring “Plastic Surgery” collection held this evening:



4 thoughts on “DEPRESSION Spring Summer 2013 BLACKOUT collection at SEOUL Fashion Week 2012

  1. Depression is one of my favourite local brand, I visited their store for my impulsive Christmas shopping spree during their sale. Nice article, love the photos!

  2. I only got to know about this label through your blog, thank you for the extensive coverage of the fashion week held in my country. I hope Depression will be available for sale in Seoul soon.

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