Silvian Imberg Spring Summer 2013 luxury swimwear collection



Silvian Imberg definitely made a flash at Women’s Fashion Week 2012! The parade of his luxury swimwear and beachwear collection caused media frenzy with his unique vibrant coloured prints paying homage to his Mediterranean roots. Ethnic prints are very much in trend and have since been adopted by Silvian Imberg artisan feel to his silhouette molded swimwear  which accentuates the female form with rich tones of purple, yellow and turquoise  hues in vivid patterns which brings forth the nostalgia of a coastal Greek island such as Santorini.

His collection known as Capri Blue (as above image) emanates strong Mediterranean influence replete of blue polka dot prints which was inspired by the blue tinted waters off Southern Italian island, Capri. Disco glamour could be attained by wearing his swimwear for your next yacht party!

Swimwear has never looked so vibrant and resonant of mediterranean vibes to complete that resort vacation that  you truly deserve. Relax and have a luxurious resort time with Silvian Imberg’s cutting edge style!

DSC_6060 DSC_6444 DSC_6524


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