On Aura Tout Vu at French Couture 2012 Fide Fashion Week 2012


Fide fashion week’s stage and fascade illuminated with projections of glowing flames setting the atmosphere for what is to come for On Aura Tout Vu’s greatly anticipated fiery passion runway show.

As the closing show for French Couture at Fide Fashion Week 2012, On Aura Tout Vu was presented by French Haute Couturiers duo Livia Stoianova and Yassen Samouilov who sent us for an adventure into the mythical land of “Fire” where centaurs existed, with womankind dressed in both hot and cold tongues of fiery silk screen printed dresses matched with high double collars and intricately sequined sun-burst bust line.

Highlights of the collection- Rhinestones were generously applied on dresses, while luscious fur enveloped bold dresses. Dresses seemed to be set in eternal flames with blue ice and flaming hot patterns. Flamboyant dresses seeked to flaunt assets with translucent lace studded with crystals.

Dresses also sported an abstraction of a trench coat lapel detailing with futuristic high peaked shoulder pads.

The final female model was wearing the most brilliantly rhinestoned, full on crystal detailing which was set on a white chiffon tulle dress, presented with a duo of centaur dressed male models.

IMGL1087 IMGL1090 IMGL1106 IMGL1114IMGL1135 IMGL1235 IMGL1250 IMGL1285 IMGL1329 IMGL1370 IMGL1400

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