Opulent dresses with Alexis Mabille at French Couture 2012 Fide Fashion Week 2012




Alexis Mabille’s French Haute Couture reprises at Fide Fashion Week to showcase his creative sophistication paired with the element of fantasy, I felt enthralled by his eye-captivating collection which encapsulated women as flawless multi-faceted diamonds. In Alexis Mabille’s mind he conceptualises his collection as jewels in his jewel box – he opens the jewel box – that is when the multiple facets of his jewels catch light and dazzle in its own brilliance with natural attraction.

His signature bow tie ribbon could be seen discreetly placed on the waists of dresses and on his shoes collection.





Alexis Mabille’s Haute Couture Autumn Winter 2012 collection definitely hit the right notes, opulence definitely is the crux of his designs with dresses and gowns in luxuriously buttery-soft materials of velvet and silk that are highlighted with ruffled lace and sequins. This collection would be very much desired by the royal court princesses of the modern world with such presence felt, I was mesmerized and in awe with the sheer elegance of his silhouette flattering dresses that possessed an air of nobility.

The colour palette on velvet definitely seeks to create magnificence and reverence to the ethereal charm of lush-soft texture in emerald, black and deep purple.


Dresses which were intricately sequins with gold details looked marvelously awe-inspiring.IMGL0534




Alexis Mabille has paid respectful homage to women as he envisages his designs around women as charming jewels of sheer opulence.

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2 thoughts on “Opulent dresses with Alexis Mabille at French Couture 2012 Fide Fashion Week 2012

  1. Hey mate, this is Leroy from Australia, great article, love your description of the collection. Will visit this blog more often. ~LW

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