Energetic hip yet futuristic 80s collection with Julien Fournié at French Couture 2012 Fide Fashion Week 2012

Haute Couturier Julien Fournie had a ball of a time reveling the 80s with his disco themed runway show.
IMGL2395 IMGL2815
Models practically danced to the groovy beats and gave the photographers cheeky provocative smiles while posing on the runway for a photo opportunity. Julien Fournie definitely designed his dresses to show some skin on for his star trekkie age runway collection – daring colourful corsets made of a variety of leather and man-made technical fabric were the main focus as the foundation of his dresses.
A bevy of well-contrasting whimsical multi fold high-slit skirts in flourescent pink and orange, purple and yellow were striking, flowing fluidly with contrasting lines and had an effect of graceful movement. Dresses also featured playful bold vertical zippers on the sides to show abit of leg. 
Emily Hwang wears Julien Fournie couture down the runway!
One does not necessarily need to always be showing skin in Julien Fournie’s collection, tailoring takes the stage with vertical sequined large lapel jackets and slim-cut tuxedo pants, skin tight full shimmering black sequined 3 quarter sleeve dresses with highlights to accentuate the women’s silhouette. 
The play on contrasting colours never looked so terrific with such electric hues. Julien Fournie definitely hit the right notes on his hip yet futuristic 80s collection that embodied the disco period.

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