Haute Bridal gowns and contemporary Japanese interpretations with YUMI KATSURA at Japan Couture 2012 Fide Fashion Week 2012

Bridal gowns are associated with celebration and exclusivity, as a bride gets to wear it only once on the occasion of her wedding. Brides would want to be the centerpiece of attention and be envied by all- there is a need to search for the most extravagant and figure flattering bridal gown to attain this elite status to be distinguished among her guests. Reverence to the wedding gown has always been observed as the epitome of Couture.

Yumi Katsura is a Japanese couturier who dedicates her design skills to create magnificent bridal gowns which are unparalleled in creative craftsmanship and inventive materials. New techniques are observed on contemporary gowns made of the finest lightweight lace materials which feature silhouette flattering cuts meticulously embroidered with whimsical summer blooming flower motifs and iridescent sparkling crystals.

Overwhelmingly awe-inspiring, her collection of wedding gowns definitely are covetable for all women who are walking down the aisle!

yumi (17)yumi (16)yumi (48)

Luxurious long fur coats twirled around copious amounts of silk to form flower patterns cascading down the models’ dresses which accentuate the appeal of evening bridal wear. yumi (45)

yumi (37)

yumi (24)

yumi (32)

A sight to behold- Yumi Katsura sent models down the runway in kimono dresses which defy traditional custom. Refreshingly bold, dresses in traditional Japanese print patterns were made streamlined to define one’s figure yet create volume on sleeve-endings and billowing skirts. The above seen golden flower embroidered silk suit is well tailored to proportions with extra large shawl collar lapels.

yumi (56)

yumi (62)yumi (57)The completion of a spectacular show was celebrated with the stunning surprise of observing a bridal gown illuminate in glorious splendour, as miles of painstakingly woven fluorescent embroidery thread  glowed as though a swarm of fireflies had intertwined around the masterpiece. yumi (64)

Excerpt from Haute Couture Times – Yumi Katsura has always shown an insatiable spirit of inquiry into new materials and an unrelenting pursuit of new techniques. She aroused a sensation by introducing the showy mariee dress style to the world in a Roma collection that featured “phosporescence” of fluorescent embroidery thread on a dark ground.


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