Intricate Patterns with SOMARTA by TAMAE HIROKAWA at Japan Couture 2012 Fide Fashion Week 2012


Fide Fashion Week 2012 presents the inaugural debut of Japan Couture Week in Singapore’s shores. I was greatly anticipating this evening to appreciate Japanese design influence on the fashion landscape, precision tailoring and attention to detail.

SOMARTA by TAMAE HIROKAWA collection known as “Bloom” began the evening’s experience of Japanese couture with an impressive range of intricate dresses which had an air of thought provoking mystery- her dresses seemed like a second skin to the model’s body silhouette covered provocatively by semi transparent lace, layered with a wearable art form of intricate patterns which were strategically placed to accentuate the female’s silhouette. Many man hours must have gone into painstakingly hand stitching and sewing each pattern detail to its full artistic flower motif composition. Hints of discreet glamour were seen with crystals and sequins, as the master of woven patterns created embroidered patterns of blooming flowers that were beyond convention.

No matter which colour couturier Tamae chose, be it in deep black, cream or turqoise blue – the dresses stood out in fine definition. Cascading long silk cardigans with lapel highlights were perfectly married with dresses. Somarta’s cardigans pay homage to its traditional roots of kimono design, yet is seen to have progressively evolved by fashioning the custom design into contemporary elegance.



Excerpt from Haute Couture Times – Tamae Hirokawa created “SOMA DESIGN” in 2006 and launched the brand “SOMARTA” after garnering invaluable experience working with Issey Miyake. In September 2006, she participated in the Spring Summer Tokyo Collection Week. She was awarded the Newcomer’s prize of the 25th Fashion Grand Prix and the Shiseido Sponsorship Award.

Photos courtesy of WOM.

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