Pizza Hut presents Double Sensation Pizza


Pizza hut to a pre-Christmas night of celebration with invited friends of the media, giving us the opportunity to not only sample the latest Double Sensation pizza but also to learn how a pizza is made from scratch from their very own restaurant manager. Courses of glorious signature dishes were being sampled by the media to have the ultimate Pizza hut experience.


The Double Sensation pizza is truly doubles the enjoyment for a pizza lover,one would start by having a bite in its thin crust with a juicy centre filled with sausages, at the second tier a new taste sensation is discovered with ham and crunchy capsicum. As a finishing touch, an explosion of warm mozzarella cheese fills your taste buds- a comfort food at its finest.

Tender Roasted Chicken Thigh with pasta tasting tomato sauce

Soft shell crab baked rice tasted moist and full on flavour!

Our fellow bloggers having an awesome time creating their own replicas of the original pizza design decoration judged by senior director of marketing, Ms Juliana.


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