Canali Autumn Winter 2012 collection highlights traces of London’s sartorial style

Canali’s Autumn Winter 2012 drew inspiration from the contemporary  sartorial sensibilites of London’s modern cut menswear style. Great coats and structured formal blazers in preppy check, earth tones accentuate the male silhouette. Canali embraces a cosmopolitan spirit of London’s British debonair style melded with Canali’s enduring application of luxuriously soft quality fabrics and materials, and the utmost traditional savoir-faire that Canali’s Made In Italy brand places importance on the attention to tailoring details with guaranteed perfection in every garment.

At Canali’s event, London’s skyline was highlighted in an abstract yet spectacular outline of her most visited locations and traditional splendour, which was further materialised by Jazz Singer Carol Gomez who serenaded with her charming performance.

Master tailor, Mr Alessandro Trevisan was specially flown down from Milan, for the Made-to-Measure experience held at CANALI Paragon boutique. Insights into the world of sartorial tailoring were shared by Mr Alessandro Trevisan over canapés, wine and whisky.

The light check with solid maroon lines on this blazer adds a modernist preppy British touch which would be particularly outstanding in the sea of black blazers. Form fitting as seen on the mannequin, this looks to flatter the male silhouette.

Structured Peacoats are quintessential to the London fashion scene to keep a gentlemen warm and stylish at the same time, perhaps cycling in the chilly streets of London!

Canali’s boutique at Paragon Orchard Singapore, looks warm and inviting like a Bachelor’s pad with a well organised space of suits and blazers in not only black and navy but also in preppy deep red checks.


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