Panda Rock Out 2012 Singapore concert with a cause #Pambassador

Twenty- four dedicated panda lovers and conservationists from all around Asia-Pacific have competed over three days in their quest to become a Chengdu Pambassador. Chengdu Pambassador is a program which allows winners to be part an important program to raise awareness for the endangered Pandas. The winner will also get to win attractive prizes such as USD$20 000 and a Global Panda Protection Tour 2013 to visit pandas in 11 countries.

Above Image Pambassador Finalists: The four finalists are Chang Li Lin from Singapore, Samuel Lam from Singapore, Konnie Tsang from Hong Kong, and Lei Hung from Taiwan consistently demonstrated their passion and dedication to panda conservation throughout the three days of the heated semi-final competition around Singapore.

American singer and song writer Juliet Simms strums the guitar while enthralling youths with her amazing soulful voice in her genre- Rock and Roll music. The youthful 1000 strong audience dressed in a sea of monochrome black and white  tones to support the Pandas, were captivated by her robust voice and energetic performance at Panda Rock Out 2012. We were captivated by the Rock and Roll songtress as she refreshed many great hit singles with her own touch that personifies School of Rock!

UK pop star Cher Lloyd took the stage and had the attentive audience demanding for more songs!

Monochrome dresses were the theme of Dresstronomy label’s black and white collection. Lightweight short  LBD dresses with streaks of contrasting highlights look stylish and applicable for Singapore’s weather.

DEPRESSIONS’s Spring Summer 2013 Blackout collection showcased fashion form versatility with hooded elongated shirts with printed with unique 3D monochrome hexagon shapes. Avant garde meets wearability with this collection of comfortable soft silhouette designs. DEPRESSION’s collection is definitely relatable to the Panda event with its monogram black and white digital print!

The Dynamic DEPRESSION Fashion Designer duo supporting Panda Rock Out 2012!

Support the Panda conservation effort now!

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