Boarding Esquire Singapore Magazine’s Launch Party

A world’s top men’s magazine title: Esquire Magazine’s inaugural launch party was held at an airbase hangar- a well kept Aviation hangar that inspires Esquire Magazine’s flight take-off ,soaring to greater heights with ever-appreciating entertainment content.Upon arrival in MAJ aviation hangar , Guests were treated to a photo opportunity with models dressed in retro-chic flight attendant uniform nostalgic of PAM-AM airlines.

With Mad Men tv series Cocktail Chic as its dress code, guests were dressed to the nines – For Men looking like a boss in their sleek tuxedo and 3 piece suits with a final touch of a pocket square and bow tie to exude the essential Mad Men chic vibe, for the Ladies I observed a variety of silhouette accentuating bareback dresses to Coco Chanel inspired menswear clean formal suits and women’s trousers to suit the party theme. Both sexes channelled the vibe resplendent of the 70s era.

The party was well fuelled with divine canapes, desserts from famous patisserie Canele, drinks such as champagne, beer and a favourite- cinamon cocktail whisky. Guests were treated to a photo booth experience where your photo could be printed out as the cover of Esquire’s magazine and also if you were wearing gentlemen formal leather shoes you could get them buffed and polished by the experts.

Finally, once the guests have settled down, our dapper flight Captain for the night, Mr Oli Pettigrew commenced our flight by introducing us to Esquire magazine and its noted editors and local celebrities who were involved in the production of Esquire Singapore.

His cabin crew worked the runway giving us directions to the key elements of the aviation hangar.

Esquire’s celebrated icon Esky unveils the Esquire Singapore’s magazine cover and starts the ball rolling for Flight attendants to showcase posters from Esquire’s celebrated archive:

Esquire Singapore’s Editor In Chief Sam Coleman and Managing Editor Mark Tay were invited for the magazine cover ceremonial cake cutting to officiate the launch of Esquire Singapore magazine!

Following which, guests were transported to Marina Bay Sands- Avalon’s new space called Spider Room for a breathtaking view of Marina Bay and to further the after party enjoyment!

UPDATE: For iPad users Esquire’s App (Esquire On The Go) is a must have to keep updated  to entertain, inspire and inform Asian men of the happenings around the region and worldwide! The app is available free till 7th September 2012! Why not download it for a paperless version of a must-have read! Click here to download Esquire On The Go app!

For more updates on Esquire Singapore: 


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