Canali Spring Summer 2013

Canali Menswear Spring Summer 2013 creates the unprecedented by engaging its expertise in Men’s sartorial formal tailoring to create old Hollywood charm inspired unlined and semi lined suits and jackets made of  light relaxed fabrics such as super light cotton and silk. Constructed with sharp lines in light pastel summery shades of yellow, sky blue, water, rose pink and wisteria, Canali creates the ultimate tailored suit for the man who escapes from the hustle and bustle of the city and keeps his suits light hearted for a good time of summer leisure probably at a gentlemen’s clubhouse.

A loose t shirt below a relaxed fitted large lapel double breasted 6 button suit excudes elegance without stuffiness.

Classic pinstripes made from light linen fabric look smart for a put together elegant youthful style on a weekend day out.

My Favourite runway looks from Canali Spring Summer 2013 which incoprorates the smart tailoring for the luxurious lifestyle where one dresses well not for the boardroom but to feel good and confident. Jacquard striped patterns on brilliant cheerful colours of red and mustard yellow dominated the runway.


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