Homegrown label RAOUL at Audi Fashion Festival 2012

Raoul has always been a darling of the Singapore’s fashion scene as the label produces great modern designs with a touch of traditional tailoring and refinement. Raoul is one of Singapore’s homegrown labels which have successfully catapulted to international acclaim and currently stocked in USA’s retail giant Bloomingdales. Raoul’s  runway show kick started with looks that exuded Audrey Hepburn’s (Little Black Dress) LBD charm with black and white slim straight cut A line dresses that feature contrasting highlights.  Rich deep emerald colour blocked dresses were cleverly integrated with contrasting luxurious  gold leather.

A refreshed high waisted flowing full length silk skirt matched with a patent leather jacket and a crisp white shirt.

A soft lightweight dress features a shoulder drape that spirals down to the back:

Purple looks to be one of Raoul’s favoured colours utilised on both dresses and well tailored coats:

Paint the town orange with this chiffon dress which is cut well to accentuate a women’s silhouette:

One of my favourite runway pieces would be the orange patterned dress featuring an interesting oval collar.

Raoul has definitely developed the fashion scene and played a pivotal role in the promotion of homegrown labels to a worldwide platform.

As Singapore’s gains more fashion clout with both local and international media, it would be interesting to observe how more homegrown Singaporean designers could create global awareness for their fashion designs and most importantly catch the discriminating eye of international buyers.

Photos: RAOUL Fashion

Click Here for Raoul Facebook Page 


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