H&M raises AIDs awareness among youths with Fashion against AIDS

H&M  launched their annual campaign Fashion Against Aids (FAA) in Singapore for the first time on 26th April 2012 at the vibrant hive Tanjong Beach Club! The collection was sold on site at Tanjong Beach Club to guests, as well as in all H&M stores worldwide. H&M aims to raise HIV/AIDS awareness among young people worldwide by relating it to youths through channels of music, art and fashion pieces.

At the event, the new H&M FAA collection was launched alongside art installations from 5 local Singaporean artists who were given freedom to express and interpret the message of fighting against AIDs.

25% of the sales proceeds from the new collection would be donated to youth AIDs projects around the world! H&M never fails to deliver impressive designs for its hip customers, in the Fashion Against Aids collection I observed many interesting pieces to be brought home! Please do hurry down to make your purchases at H&M if you find something you fancy for a good cause! Spread the word by wearing a Fashion Against Aids tee!

Let fashion have a voice against AIDs! 

The guests were having a good time purchasing FAA products!


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