Alexis Mabille at Fide Fashion Week (Men’s Fashion Week 2012)

French Grand Couturier Alexis Mabille reprised Singapore’s runway in Men’s fashion week 2012 since his spectacular showcase last year in Women’s Fashion Week 2011- Haute Couture Week 2011.

For his eponymous label’s runway show, Alexis Mabile displayed his full spectrum of “savoir faire” (knowledge) in designing Menswear. Based on inspiration from British King Henry VIII’s Royal Tudor court attire, modern fitted shirts were given a facelift with large pleated ends, sharp blazers adorned with royal buttons resplendent of the Tudor Era.

Bespoke Luxury could be seen on quilted metal studded soft leather pants, red velvet dinner suits and intricate lace detailed shirts.

The piece de resistance would be the inverted large lapel suit- A new signature to Alexis Mabille’s men’s collection.
In conjunction with Alexis Mabille’s Fall Winter 2012 collection, Alexis Mabille also showcased L’Hom’d Alexis Mabille, models walked the runway with a key focus on the underwear collection .
The designer’s HOM mens underwear collection  sported a variety of figure flattering shapes printed with interesting abstract patterns of bow ties and monochrome stripes.


Photos courtesy of WOMcomm


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