Fresh Local Designers of 2012! Parco next NEXT launch 2012

I was excited to see the local fashion scene evolve with more budding local designers being developed by PARCO next NEXT’s fashion incubator project which saw the launch of 18 outstanding new labels.

The 18 new labels are 20:TWOTHREE, 2HB, alexandria chen, ANGELIA, ash, Episene, evenodd, FOON FOONO, FOREWORD, Kae Hana, LION EARL, MASH-UP, Mils, QUAINTHOOD, RÊVASSEUR, Saloni Rathor, Wil.LiaM Atelier and WSDM. Five of the designers from PARCO next NEXT’s second cohort  – Arty.Lily, ffayth, eve, Veira and @dress of thoughts – are now entering their second year with the programme.
I was glad that a crowd had gathered in Parco next NEXT launch event to witness the birth of new and exciting labels which could have potential to springboard into the international league of brands.
Here are some photos of the designers collections:



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