Cartier Time Art exhibition: A journey through watch making history with the largest exhibition of time pieces in ArtScience Museum

Large 'Portique' Mystery Clock

Cartier, a French purveyor of luxury fine watches and jewelry has air flown its largest exhibit of timepieces to the Asian region – Singapore at Marina Bay Sands ArtScience Museum.

Cartier Time Art is an event which would showcase 159 monumental timepieces at the Art Science Museum narrating the timeline story of Cartier’s heritage. Mens’ fascination with timekeeping has energised Cartier’s watch manufacture since 1853.

IMAGES: Cartier
Santos wristwatch

The house of Cartier exhibited a remarkable historical breakthrough with the brand’s first ever practical Men’s wristwatch – Specially made for famous aviator Alberto Santos Dumont in 1911, Alberto had given feedback to his friend Louis Cartier that it was impractical to use pocket watches while flying a plane. He wanted to check the time on his wrist, as he had to keep his hands on the airplane’s controls. Cartier’s signature wristwatch design was henceforth known as Santos.

The first examples of the early steps of Cartier watchmaking is represented in the exhibition with a chatelaine-watch in yellow gold, pink gold, enamel and pearls created in 1874, and finishes in the present day with the Cartier ID One watch in niobium-titanium, featuring scratch proof ADLC coating.

Cartier ID One
Cartier ID One concept watch
Cartier presents the Cartier ID One watch in this exhibition, a concept timepiece that requires no time adjustments- Indeed a technological breakthrough for mechanical movement watches.

“A unique concept watch, the Cartier ID One, is a foray into the future direction of watchmaking,” -Mr Christopher Kilaniotis, Managing Director of Cartier Singapore.

Rotonde de Cartier Astroregulator
Rotonde de Cartier Astroregulator features the new Calibre 9800 MC movement which took Cartier 5 years to develop.

This is a new movement that helps to counteract the effects of gravity on timing in vertical positions.This complicated movement is limited to 50 individually numbered pieces.
'Model A' Mystery Clock

An awe inspiring collection of  12 exotic and rare mystery clocks are on display. Encased in hard crystal, clock hands mysteriously float without an axis or movement jointed to it  -A testimony to Cartier’s distinctive design philosophy.

The exhibition is expansive with heritage pieces from exquisite clocks to intricate jewelry, detailed Grecian and Chinese inspired ornaments and complicated watch timepieces! A definite must see for a time piece connoisseur.

Tickets can be purchased on the ArtScience Museum website and all Marina Bay Sands box offices.

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