Scarlet Carlson collections: The Fallen and Shipwrecked

Scarlet Carlson is a multi-disciplinary fashion label based in Singapore, founded by designers Cornelyus and Zach.  The label is known for its unique quirkiness and Steampunk-inspired approach in designing jewelry and apparel.


The latest collection “The Fallen” is a small collection exploring goth influences from the dark ages. Catholic themes are represented by rosaries fused with chunky metal chains. Interesting ornate head pieces were forged in rose patterns.

The entire collection was done with black leather and silver metallic materials.

Vintage chains twisted throughout the pieces marks each piece as a signature headdress pieces.

For the theme of the previous collection Shipwrecked, the designers drew on their nautical background to design the Women’s collection.

The designers delved into their navy service background to create inspirational pieces that stay true to its nautical heritage. Key objects such as Compasses and telescopes were miniaturized but still possessed their practical functionality.

Both collections are affordably priced and could be purchased as Christmas gifts!

The items will be sold at Circa, #02-22 Parco Marina Bay, Millennia Walk at the exhibition space next to Depression’s boutique from 11th – 22nd Dec 2011. After 22nd Dec 2011, the collection will be moved to the retail space right outside the exhibition area.

Email: for enquires.


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