DEPRESSION label at Orchard Cineleisure

Famous local cult label Depression has launched their flagship store in the heart of a busy youth hive -Orchard Cineleisure.

When I arrived at Depression’s boutique last Friday at 10pm, customers were busy trying on Depression’s clothes while designer Kenny hurried around the boutique to serve them. Style consciousness has been made very accessible!

Hurray for Late Night shopping!

The dynamic designer duo Kenny Lim and Andrew Loh have shifted their boutique from Far East Plaza to Orchard Cineleisure on 4 November 2011, and have since operated for late night shopping on weekdays and Sundays till 10pm and, on Fridays and Saturdays till 12 midnight.

It is definitely an uncommon shopping experience! Both designers are normally at the boutique everyday to assist customers and explain to them each piece’s design aesthetic.

This spacious new boutique is furbished with minimalistic chic interior decor. Pipes give structure for frames and hangers. Metallic stools are provided for customers to try on Depression’s unique pony hair shoes.

Certainly not to be missed, a selection of Depression’s unconventional yet wearable monochromatic clothing from whimsical fun loving T-shirts, distinctively Depression cut shirts, to harem pants, quirky bow ties and interesting shoes.

An Update: Depression ushers in a cheerful new year ahead with its new range of light hearted Tee Shirts! Guaranteed head turners!

Depression’s Spring Summer 2012 whimsical Tee Shirts:

Become a Depression Privilege Card holder today – for your chance to attend Depression’s Private Party at Cineleisure on 17 Dec 2011!

Here’s how you could become a Depression Privilege card holder. Simply spend $250 in one receipt for a lifetime 10% discount. $500 in one receipt  for a lifetime 15% discount, and $1000 spending in one receipt for a lifetime 20% discount.

Address: Orchard Cineleisure #03-05A

The full collection of Depression’s Birth Defect Full Collection is now available in store! Check out the Birth Defect collection’s runway video:

Update: Depression’s Orchard Cineleisure Private Party video:

Depression’s Facebook link


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