Bloodbuzz label “Everything is Illuminated” collection

Bloodbuzz is an independent female fashion label. The label was founded by London College of Fashion graduate Kimberly K Wong; a strong believer of personal style over fashion trends. Bloodbuzz showcased an amazing variety of designs at its inaugural trunk show that was held at Pigeonhole’s cosy cafe.

Festive celebration is the core design concept embodied by Bloodbuzz as seen on its impressive editorial campaign.

A fashionista who is thinking of dressing herself up for the incoming Christmas celebration, could head over to to check out the affordably priced (SGD$80-$100) festive cherry red dresses and alluring black dresses.

Lightweight and silky smooth, dresses from the current collection are well cut to fit the body silhouette perfectly with clean lines and pleats. Digital print patterns certainly gave a contemporary touch to the dress designs.

Bloodbuzz’s designs are intended to bring one from a hectic work day to an evening of merry making.

Event photos:

The current collection’s clothing rack with quite an assortment to choose from!

An elegant little black dress (LBD) by Bloodbuzz.

My favourite piece! A slim fit black formal jacket reinterpreted with a shawl collar that features black sequin embellishments.


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