KOhZO Denim’s official launch at Bread and Butter Mandarin Gallery

Japanese denim label KOhZO marries western with eastern tradition. Think of it as intertwining luxurious quality fabric of a Japanese kimono with classic utilitarian blue American jeans. All of KOhZO’s fabrics are 100% natural. Unlike most of today’s jeans that are made of cotton with synthetic and sulfur dyes, KOhZO uses exclusive, rare, and totally pure ingredients. These include washi, a traditional Japanese paper, as well as hibiscus, bamboo, pineapple, cannabis. KOhZO dyes consist of pure indigo, vegetable, natural mud, fruit and charcoal. KOhZO DENIM is all about beauty, comfort and sustainable fashion design.

No doubt premium priced at around SGD$1000, the processes and treatment that goes into a pair of KOhZO denim jeans is exceptional. The finishing is impeccable with a selection of quality denim materials from reflective denim using glass powder, aluminum plated fabric jeans to jeans featuring layered exotic skin.

Designer Shauket Imam


Regarding premium pricing, Designer Shauket Imam finds that by pricing at a premium no one will ever throw a KOhZO away. it will be around for generations.An excerpt from Designer Shauket Imam “I am obsessed with quality. if you look at the way KOhZO is made/designed and treated, you will realise that no other brands would ever consider making their denims this way because it is too expensive. if you look at KOhZO, you will not be surprised that a huge range of conscientious work and experiments are involved in its creation.”


On the runway, luxury took its place at an urban level with comfortable utilitarian designs made with innovative fabrics. Female models were decked in distressed skinny jeans in dark blues, grey and reflective denim and matched with tailored jackets and casual soft silhouette shirts and tees. Male models were decked in tailored jackets made out of cashmere and stainless steel. Woollen shirts were treated with terracotta and mud dye mix. Slim fit distressed jeans in a wide variety of colours hugged the silhouette perfectly.


Here are the runway images:

In the boutique, a demonstration of the environmentally sustainable process of creating KOhZO denim jeans and the variety of fabrics forged from exotic leather which is layered onto denim fabric.


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