Women’s Fashion Week. Haute Couture Week: Stephane Rolland

High Priest of Haute Couture Fashion Stephane Rolland has mastered the art of immortalising a women’s beauty by virtue of his impeccably conceived dresses. His craft is sought after by celebrities and royalty alike.

He believes that fashion is in his genes as generations of his family members have had an artistic background. Haute couture is embodied in his DNA.

A brilliant talent, he started designing at the age of 4.

Grand couturier Stephane Rolland explains that his designs showcase strength and fragility, a mix of masculine and feminine which results in a balance of ying and yang. His client could be sophisticated and audacious yet possess a natural element.

His recent Fall Winter 2011 collection comes as a tribute to Asia. A contrast of strong, pure and strict lines of architecture were married with refinement of details. His vision came through Japan where he found minimalism in intricately embroidered kimonos designed with a simple cut.

“Haute couture comes from the past when mastering traditional techniques, and it also represents the future as it is capable to create tomorrow’s style.” – Stephane Rolland

Grand Couturier Stephane Rolland’s runway collection- Time felt like it was at a standstill when models strutted down the runway in elaborate splendour, to the rhythm of beating drums. Haute Couture dresses were ornate with silk knotted dresses, flowing silk dresses which caught the air like a sail, and structured dresses in angular shapes enhanced with pleated Orchid flower origami motifs.

Here are the runway images of Stephane Rolland’s collection at Women’s Fashion Week 2011:

Please click here for more photos

Women’s Fashion Week 2011 Singapore. Photos Courtesy of WOM Comm.

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