Women’s Fashion Week. Haute Couture Week: Christophe Josse

Grand Couturier Christophe Josse describes his Haute Couture collection as being glamorous yet not overstated. Timeless Grace and elegance comes to mind when one sets eyes on Christophe Josse’s collection that personifies the distillation of the contemporary French spirit. His endeavour is to develop a brand of fashion that encompasses a spectrum of emotions, flights of fancy and unadulterated magic.

Christophe Josse’s runway collection drew inspiration from medieval armour plating. The armour influence was noticeably referenced on many pieces of his designs. Models on the runway were armed with the beauty of his dress collection.

Dresses sparkled with a polished metallic sheen due to the treatment of  exotic leathers, dip dyed feathers and tweed. In a few instances, the upper part of the dresses were armoured while the bottom featured flowing light lace. Fluidity is observed on many runway pieces, as models strutted with effortless grace in long flowing gowns that made their legs look seemingly endless.

Here are the runway images of Christophe Josse’s collection at Women’s Fashion Week 2011:

A dazzling tweed jacket, matched with a multi layered skirt appliquéd with feathers that were dip dyed in silver toned paint:

A captivating dress that was armoured with a metallic silver crocodile leather centerpiece and a balloon bottom:

Spiraling organza dresses- the quintessence of draping organza to create spectacular dresses:

The show highlight- The Wedding dress commanded attention! Angelic dove-white tulle was matched with a bold crimson red feathered head piece, which gave the perception of an elegant warrior princess.

The model appeared to be walking on clouds:

Grand Couturier Christophe Josse explains his breathtakingly chic designs:

Please click here for the photo album

Women’s Fashion Week 2011 Singapore. Photos Courtesy of WOM Comm.


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