Women’s Fashion Week. Haute Couture Week 2011: Maxime Simoens.

The refined and rarefied world of Haute Couture graced Singapore’s shores at Marina Bay Sands during Women’s Fashion Week 2011.

Singapore is well positioned and all set to welcome luxury products. The exhibition aims to spur growth and preserve the savoir faire (knowledge) of Parisian Haute Couture designers, by educating high fashion consciousness to the region.

Fashion Houses famous for Haute Couture are: Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier and Valentino with strong support from clientele such as Betsy Bloomingdale and Susan Gutfruend.

Each Couturier presents their own unique brand image and style which is in essence the DNA of the brand. Couturiers place heavy emphasis on service in an Atelier or showroom, where designs are personally fitted to the exact body measurements of the client, and manufactured with no consideration of cost as Haute Couture pieces could go from twenty thousand to a few hundred thousand Euros.

The glitzy and glamorous world of famous faced celebrities, who are dressed in the brand would be a positive catalyst to create visibility, luxury branding, and awareness to potential clientele.

Couturier Maxime Simoens (Second from the left) and his team with Women’s Fashion Week Chairman Dr. Frank Cintamani.

Maxime Simeons draws his Haute Couture inspirations from the cinema and style icons such as Sofia Coppola. His core focus is to create wearable pieces where a woman would look elegant and sophisticated.

Most recently, Blake Lively and Leighton Meester appeared in scenes on the hit TV serial “Gossip Girl” donned in Maxime Simeons designs. He dressed the famous singer Beyonce for her music video.

Couturier Maxime Simeons has been chosen to helm French fashion house Leonard as its new creative director.  Luxury brand Leonard has announced the opening of an exclusive boutique in Singapore, which would be located in the heart of Orchard Road at Scotts Square.

The runway collection showcased was inspired by the movie titled Nosferatu, an early vampire movie akin to that of Dracula. I observe that the collection expresses this mythical element through the utilisation of interlocking vampire fangs as an abstract shape to accentuate a women’s waist and breast line -portraying the wearer’s voluptuous curvature.

Head turners included a gold studded full length suit, the ruffled shoulder pant-suit that exudes ethereal charm, a gold sequined tube dress and a vertically embellished white satin slim cut dress.

The trail of organza dresses had a levitating effect owing to the usage of lightweight organza material.

Indeed, a true vampire inspired collection with a twist of elegant immortal splendour!

Here are the runway images of Maxime Simoens’ collection at Women’s Fashion Week 2011:

For more photos please click here for the photo album.
Women’s Fashion Week 2011 Singapore. Photos Courtesy of WOM Comm.


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