Women’s Fashion Week. Haute Couture Week 2011: Atelier Gustavolins.

Atelier Gustavo Lins by Gustavo Lins

Grand Couturier Gustavo Lins had started off his passion for Haute Couture when he was a child. He pays attention to body silhouettes and proportions, with the incorporation of the philosophy water fluidity rendered into his functional architectural designs. One could observe how this translated to his runway pieces- the elegant fluid movement of the dresses was noticeable on the runway.

Interesting Fact: Gustavo Lins was the only couturier who presented Menswear for the runway show.

The Runway Presentation:

Aesthetician Dr Georgia Lee commenced the runway show wearing a sensational figure flattering canary yellow and black ensemble, integrated with a fur stole:

An unusual dark ocean blue dress with black ink splattered artistically turned heads:

The drapery of fur was intertwined with a yellow dress creates a unique fresh design, which was conceptualised through Gustavo Lins’ architectural background:

For Menswear, a variety of impressive overcoats were used to accentuate masculinity. Textured leather and fur linings were the core materials used to create a strong silhouette for men.

Grand Couturier Gustavo Lins said that he designed a pair of clothes for both man and woman to wear, as this would put both genders at the same level. He finds that Men do not have the same exploratory level in dress code, therefore he created a line of Menswear.

For more images click here for the album

Women’s Fashion Week 2011 Singapore. Photos Courtesy of WOM Comm.

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