Women’s Fashion Week 2011. Haute Couture Week: Eymeric Francois.



Eymeric Francois’ creative inspirational designs embodies his own DNA of style – the embodiment of intricate patterned, hand embroidered artwork on delicate materials.

Eymeric Francois sources for different kinds of materials to create spectacular dresses which he personally hand sews. This enables him to visualise his design concepts in 3 dimension. His collection of classical black dresses revolves around the theme of rock, and sexy romanticism. His runway collection derives inspiration from legendary figures such as Atlantean, Muses and Amazons.

He explained that the role of a couturier is to make a woman incredibly beautiful without hiding or transforming her into a doll.

Models on Eymeric Francois’ runway show strutted to the rhythm of gothic metal music. The black collection dominated the runway show with exceptionally well cut suits and dresses made of black silk and satin, a few Haute Couture pieces were emblazoned with horse-hair feathers.

Here are the runway images of Eymeric Francois’ collection at Women’s Fashion Week 2011:

A structured high collar silk and wool satin suit which gave a shapely structure to the female form:

A black wool suit embroidered with horse-hair feathers snaked from the skirt to jacket – the epitome of an evening jacket and pleated skirt ensemble:

This black leather belts corset and silk crepe trousers was definitely a head turner, as leather belts have never been conventionally perceived to function as a dress top:

The black Body corset with light pink lace over-dress had a phenomenal visual impact. The little black dress was reinvented with a second lightweight layer of intricately embroidered light pink lace.

A black lace applied on silk-sparkles light pink drop shoulder long dress.

This dress definitely stole the show with its astounding woven texture that glitters and reflects light:

This long black silk taffetas dress had a distinct hook shaped structured top and a flowing pleated bottom:

Please click here for the photo album.

Women’s Fashion Week 2011 Singapore. Photos Courtesy of WOM Comm.

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