Versace’s collection for H&M comprises of iconic designs which made the House of Versace legendary. Donatella Versace brought back classic icons of Versace and reinvented them for the contemporary audience, with clean and precise cutting and prints. Women would appreciate Versace’s iconic figure flattering dresses, while Men would desire to own Versace’s sharp tailored suits and studded leather biker jackets.

Strong pieces of Versace embody the essence of the brand in H&M’s collection.

Signature pieces trending in Versace’s H&M collection:

For Women:

For Evening Wear Versace designed a classic crepe dress embellished with gold Grecian buttons, floor length goddess gowns, Versace psychedelic print sequin dresses, short metallic dresses and fluorescent vibrant coloured dresses embellished with studs in classic Greek monograms and patterns. The elegant Versace woman embodies alluring figure flattering dresses with an emphasis on fine detailing.

Prices range from SGD $139 to $349 for a dress depending on design and material.

Leather Dress S$449, Bracelet $49.90, Suede Boots S$249

Silk Dress S$349, Ring S$39.90

Silk Dress S$349, Bracelet S$49.90

Silk Dress S$249

Dress S$199

For Men:

Sartorial elegance is achieved by sharp tailoring, this is enhanced with the combination of Versace’s extravagant patterns and monograms. Versace suits come in either an elongated shawl collar black blazer or a full snazzy pink suit that is paired with pink leather shoes.Versace’s palm and mongram print are printed and studded on all items of the Versace for H&M collection such as T shirts, cashmere sweaters, velvet bombers, jeans and even underpants.

The highlight of the collection could be the quilted leather jacket lined with gold studs in the Versace classic Greek monogram pattern on its wide lapels. The Versace classic Greek monogram pattern is also applied on T shirts, cotton shorts, beanies, scarfs, Hi top sneakers and dress shoes. The Versace man is definitely debonair, evoking sophisticated charm in modern-classic elegantly tailored clothing.

Shirt S$79.90, Leather Belt S$99.90, Leather shoes S$119.

Shirt S$79.90, S$119.90

Jacket S$249, Trousers S$99.90

Blazer S$149, Shirt S$79.90, Trousers S$99.90

Blazer S$299

Photos: Versace from H&M

Prices range from SGD$39.90 for a T-shirt to $299 for a blazer.

The well anticipated collection will be officially launched worldwide on 17 November 2011 and H&M shop in Singapore will be open early at 8am. Get your wallets ready for coveted pieces!

Update: I have seen the collection for my own eyes! Details on each piece are exceptionally well made and intricate as what you would expect of a Versace collection. For the ladies, I would recommend the black dress with patent details and studs around the waist, the canary yellow dress with Versace’s monogram vertically printed on each side, and the amazing array of flower motif accessories.

For the Men I would recommend to get the black shirt featuring an interesting collar detail, the black T-shirt vertically studded with Versace’s monogram and the black gold studded belt. For the more adventurous men, the Geometric monochrome patterned shirt is definitely an amazing print.


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