SIFR Gathering 2011

Contemporary Menswear label Sifr celebrated their 3rd year anniversary by holding an exciting event at KILO restaurant.

Sifr creates popular menswear products such as high quality, comfortable soft and breathable T-shirts and dapper artisan shoes. I have bought a few items myself and I enjoy wearing them for their quality materials and construction.

Sifr label is distributed in KIN a multi label store owned by Sifr, Rockstar at Orchard Cineleisure and TANGS.

Suraj Melwani (left)

I felt honored to be invited by owners Suraj Melwani and Chris Fussner to be part of this exciting experience.

We were arranged into teams of 3 to create dishes in KILO restaurant’s menu. A sample of each dish had been presented to ensure consistency in our own creations.

We read the recipes and dived straight into the hustle and bustle of the kitchen to find the ingredients and prepare the food accordingly, while the chef supervised and advised us.

The dishes turned out very well! We definitely had a sumptuous meal with fabulous dishes from salads to main courses of Salmon, Lamb chop and Beef steak. It was a fantastic opportunity to mingle and make new acquaintances.

Co-owner Chris Fussner making a speech.

The merry making with SIFR’s friends.

Darryl spinning the decks.

Check out SIFR’s facebook page for more product updates


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