MAPLETREE BUSINESS CITY launches outdoor furniture design competition

Outdoor Furniture Design Competition Alert! Design in the City is a competition that gives budding designers from Singapore tertiary institutions a chance to see their creative visions realised and installed at MBC. Design students can vie for a chance to win two top prizes of $12,000 cash each and have their designs fabricated and installed at two locations within MBC – the Open Plaza and Eco Pond.

Students will be challenged to create functional, ergonomic and at the same time, thought-provoking pieces of furniture that is akin to contemporary art. In line with MBC’s eco-friendly infrastructure which has earned it Singapore’s highest Green Mark Platinum Award by the Building & Construction Authority of Singapore.

The students’ designs will need to fulfill a requirement of using sustainable materials in their pieces. Students should not use recyclable aluminum cans and plastic bottles as part of their designs as it does not align with Mapletree Business City’s corporate image. Think Fashionably chic and eco-sustainable outdoor furniture designs for teamwork and gatherings.

The panel of Judges comprises highly-regarded personalities of the design industry. They are Edmund Cheng, Chairman of Mapletree as well as of the National Arts Council, Jeffrey Ho, Executive Director of the Design Singapore Council and Lim Choon Hong, Managing Director of Xtra Designs Pte Ltd. These judges will be looking for excellence in design, buildability, sustainability and functionality in the design submissions:

Here are the location photos to give you an idea of where your outdoor furniture designs will be placed at Mapletree Business City:

Interview with Judge Mr Lim Choon Hong Managing Director of Xtra Designs Pte Ltd

Where is Xtra Design located? Is there any relation to the location?

There is 1 in Park Mall, and 1 in Winsland House- an outdoor furniture showroom which would be more relevant to this competition.

Do you think that Singaporeans support local designers?

I think there is already some level of base support, one could observe that companies like Air and Life shop in Park mall, and Urban Foundry at Purvis Street are thriving well. This is an interesting testimony to local designers. I find that there is already a trend in picking up local designs, they (local designers) should build on it, so that eventually the customer size will grow.

What is the growing trend for furniture design?

The world is at chaos. I think the trend is pluralistic, as many trends are going on.

Are there prominent local designers in the furniture industry?

Prominent local furniture designers are Felix Low, Patrick Chia, and Nathan Yong.

What are the judges looking out for in this furniture competition?

Innovative new ideas that are fitting into the Mapletree Business City concept.

There could be an element of Street Furniture and sulpture in your design, but there is no constraint in designing.


• Enquiries concerning the Competition can be sent to:

BANG Public Relations

Alicia Tan

Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd

Joey Ho

Deadline for submission is 6th Jan 2012 5pm.


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